Peer Review Board
Our dedicated group of reviewers who represent the JEO's backbone.

Jeffrey Bailie, Ed.D. (Distance Education, Instructional Technology)
  Kaplan University
Credence Baker, Ph.D. (Instructional Technology)
  Tarleton State University
Michelle E. Bartlett, Ph.D.(Leadership, Online Education, and e-Service Learning )
   North Carolina State University
Michael F. Beaudoin, Ed.D.(Distance Education)
   University of New England
Charlotte J. Boling, Ph.D. (Online Instructional Design)
   The University of West Florida
William S. Borders, Ph.D. (Business Administration)
   Troy University - Dothan
Christopher D. Calvin, Ph.D. (Educational Research)
   Walden University
Yingxia Cao, Ph.D. (e-Learning)
   University of La Verne
Shujen Chang, Ph.D., Ph.D. (e-Learning and Instructional Design)
   Asia University
Irene Linlin Chen, Ed.D. (Education, e-Learning)
   University of Houston Downtown
Sharmila Basu Mann, Ph.D. (Science and Medicine)
   State Higher Education Executive Officers
Rodney Davis, Ed.D. (Educational Leadership)
   Troy University - Dothan
Vangelis Dedoussis, Ph.D. (Comparative Management Systems)
   American University in Dubai
Concetta A. DePaolo, Ph.D. (Statistics and Decision Sciences)
   Indiana State University
Robert N. Diotalevi, Esq., LL.M. (Higher Education Administration, Political Science, Virtual Intellectual Property)
   Florida Gulf Coast University
Bernadine Duran, Ph.D. (Research and Faculty Development)
   DePaul University
Dan Eastmond, Ph.D. (e-Learning)
   Western Governors University
Marcel Satsky Kerr, Ph.D. (Psychometrics)
   Texas Wesleyan University
Khusro Kidwai, Ph.D. (K-12, Physics and Science, Distance Education)
   Northwestern University
Gila Kurtz, Ph.D. (Blended-Learning)
   The College for Academic Studies
Kadriye Lewis, Ed.D. (Healthcare)
   University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
B. Jean Mandernach, Ph.D. (Online Instructional Strategies)
   Grand Canyon University
Richard C. Merritt, Jr., Ph.D. (Technology and e-Learning)
   Northeast State Community College
Katrina A. Meyer, Ph.D. (Administration and Policy)
   The University of Memphis
Siran Mukerji, D.H.D. (Human Resources, Distance Education)  
   Indira Ghandi National Open University (IGNOU)
Hilde Patron, Ph.D. (Economics and E-Learning)
   University of West Georgia
Cara O. Peters, Ph.D. (Marketing and E-Commerce)
   Winthrop University
Anthony A. Piña, Ed.D. (e-Learning, Higher Ed. Administration)
   Sullivan University
Harry Santoso, Ph.D. (Human-Computer Interaction, and Learning Analytics)
   Universitas Indonesia
Joanna G. Shaw, Ph.D. (Labor Relations, Performance Improvement)
   Tarleton State University
Mona Shattel Ph.D. (Nursing, Medicine, Healthcare)
   Rush University
Neelu Sinha, Ph.D. (Computer Science)
   Fairleigh Dickinson University
Minjung Song, Ph.D. (Cognition and Learning)
   Troy University
Roy Sutton, Ph.D. (Higher Ed. Administration)
   Jones International University
PurdeduTripathi, Ph.D. (Distance Education, Innovative Technology, Marketing)
   Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Delhi, India
Kate Wozniak Ph.D. (Computing, Human-Computer Interaction and Learning Analytics, Web Development)
   Concordia University

Double-Blind Peer Review Form