Giving Online Quizzes in Corporate Finance and Investments for a Better Use of Seat Time

Zhuoming “Joe” Peng, State University of New York College at Oswego


The primary benefit of providing out-of-class online quizzes in a face-to-face class is to gain more in-class time. A study designed to investigate this issue was conducted during the Spring 2006 and Spring 2007 semesters. Thirty-one and 34 Corporate Finance undergraduate students from each semester, and 33 and 36 Investments undergraduate students from each semester participated in this study. Do students cheat whilst taking online versus in-class quizzes? Key results indicate no significant differences between online versus in-class administered quizzes. This finding alleviates concerns about student cheating and hence frees up in-class time for additional materials and interactions.
The process of administering an online quiz is discussed in detail. The monetary cost of using a test generator program to create an online quiz is nominal in comparison with the licensing fee of any online course management software. Giving online quizzes does appear to be a better use of class seat time, and this pedagogical method is recommended to faculty delivering courses using face-to-face instructional design, especially those who are teaching corporate finance or investments.

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