A Self-Study of Technological Transition: Instructional Impacts of Shifting a Distance Course Delivery System

Susan A. Turner, Utah State University


This self-study examines the process of technological transition: the instructional shift from the use of one distance course delivery technology, to a different technology delivery system. Specifically, it examines the impact of the shift on course design, and on the instructor's transitional learning process that occurred while moving a graduate course from distance face-to-face delivery format, to an on-line collaborative learning format using Wimba® software. The change process is documented through the use of self-study methodology (Samaras & Freese, 2006), and an exploratory framework for technological transitions of this type, is proposed. The framework focuses on four critical areas of transitional knowledge: Student Knowledge, Technical Knowledge, Experiential Knowledge and Reflective Knowledge.


Self-Study, Virtual Teaching, Distance Technology, Multi-User Virtual Environment, Wimba®

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