Seifert & Feliks

Perceptions of Readiness for Online Learning Following Participation in a Multiparticipant Online Course

Tami Seifert, Kibbutzim College of Education
Orna Feliks, Kibbutzim College of Education


Since online lessons lack a physical presence, different technological means are needed to create an environment for various teaching, learning, and evaluation methods and for creating a sense of belonging for students. This study investigated student-teachers’ attitudes, approaches, and willingness to engage with computer-assisted teaching and online teaching after they had participated in a multiparticipant online course. A mixed methods research paradigm combined both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis.  The research findings indicate that the course goals were attained in terms of student-teachers’ acquiring the contents and attitudes, and  that the careful design and organization of the course site, learning materials, and methods all contributed to the students’ acquisition of the contents and ability to cope with online learning and form positive attitudes regarding online teaching and learning. Although student-teachers felt that the online learning style was not suitable for them, they underwent a personal process, overcame difficulties, and developed positive attitudes towards ICT and its implementation. Hopefully, the research findings can inform the preparation of an optimal teaching-learning process for online teaching.

Keywords: online course, attitudes towards online teaching, learning management, collaboration, learning methods, multiparticipant course

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