Andrews & Hu

A Descriptive Profile of Online Faculty Training Practices in the Illinois Community College System

Melissa Andrews, University of Illinois Springfield
Xiaodan Hu, Northern Illinois University


This study investigated the existing training practices for online instructors in the Illinois community college system. As online learning continues to alter the educational landscape, online faculty need to be better prepared to support student success. A survey with questions based on best practices in online instructor training was distributed to the 48 community colleges and campuses in Illinois. The results of the study reveal that orientation and professional development programs are widely offered, yet only a limited number of programs and resources pertain to online pedagogy, teaching strategies, and assessment. There is also a lack of common standards for the format and content of professional training for online instructors. I discussed practical implications to improve professional training for online instructors and thus contribute to online student success.

Keywords: online instructors, professional training, community college, online training, online pedagogy

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