Cummings & Kidan

Increasing Pedagogical Training for Online Faculty: The Importance of Developing Culturally Responsive Practices

Marlon I Cummings, Governors State University 
Keisha Kidan, Governors State University


Universities are increasingly moving more classes to online environments compelling programs to rethink how content traditionally taught face-to-face could be moved to an online environment. This trend is particularly challenging, for both novice and experienced faculty, as diverse student bodies make it necessary for faculty to engage in more meaningful, culturally responsive ways. Thus, as universities increase their online courses, faculty and instructors will be confronted with the challenge of providing this cultural responsiveness in an online environment. Using faculty interviews, this research examined the need for increased focus on professional development for online faculty, and highlight the need for strengthening the development of pedagogical strategies around cultural responsiveness for faculty teaching in and transitioning courses to online environments.

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