Murphy, Swartzwelder, Serembus, Roch, Maheu, Rockstraw & Alyssa

Text-Based Versus Video Discussion to Promote a Sense of Community: An International Mixed-Methods Study

Jackie Murphy, Drexel University
Kay Swartzwelder, Drexel University
Joanne Serembus, Drexel University
Shauna Roch, Fanshawe College
Shannon Maheu, Fanshawe College
Rocky Rockstraw, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Leggieri Alyssa, Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences


Creating an engaging online course where students feel part of an online community can be challenging even for the most experienced online educator. Online discussions are a common tool used to connect students in online courses, but it is often limited to text-based posts. This international research study compared the use of text-based versus video-based discussions in online courses to ascertain students’ perceptions of social presence. A mixed-methods design using a modified Social Presence, Likert-scale survey, and open-ended questions was utilized to evaluate students’ perceptions. The results showed that while students preferred text-based to video-based discussions, students perceived more social presence when using video-based discussions.

Keywords: online learning, online discussions, video-based discussions, text-based discussions, community of learners ty of Inquiry (COI).

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