Wilder & Berry

Emporium Model: The Key to Content Retention in Secondary Math Courses

Sandra Wilder, Akron Public Schools, Akron, Ohio, USA
Lisa Berry, Bio-Med Science Academy, Rootstown, Ohio, USA


The math emporium model was first developed by Virginia Tech in 1999. In the emporium model students use computer-based learning resources, engage in active learning, and work toward mastery of concepts. This approach to teaching and learning mathematics was piloted in a rural STEM high school. The purpose of this experimental study was to compare the impact of the emporium model and the traditional approach to instruction on student achievement and retention of algebra. The results indicated that both approaches to instruction were equally effective in improving student mathematics knowledge. However, the findings revealed that the students in the emporium section had significantly higher retention of the content knowledge. 


Emporium model, content retention, online learning, mastery learning, secondary education

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