Hsiao, Mikolaj & Shih

A Design Case of Scaffolding Hybrid/Online Student-Centered Learning with Multimedia

E-Ling Hsiao, Valdosta State University
Peter Mikolaj, Indiana State University
Ya-Ting Shih, Chung Yuan Christian University


Implementing student-centered learning in hybrid/online settings is very challenging due to the physical separation of instructor and students. This article discusses the need for instructors to provide scaffolds and multimedia modules to facilitate knowledge construction in the student-centered learning process. To offer students solid learning supports, four types of scaffolds and multimedia modules were used in one hybrid and four online business course sessions. The design context and pattern of those scaffolds and modules are described in detail. At the end of each course session, a survey was used to investigate student perceptions of the scaffolds and multimedia modules. The survey results showed that the scaffolds and multimedia modules used were helpful to student-centered learning but that additional guidance might be needed to meet the needs of diverse learners and facilitate the group-work process.


multimedia, scaffolds, student-centered learning, hybrid, online learning

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