Berliyanto & Santoso

Indonesian Perspective on Massive Open Online Courses: Opportunities and Challenges

Berliyanto, Universitas Indonesia
Harry B. Santoso, Universitas Indonesia


There are two indications that Indonesia needs to improve its education quality. The first is the Human Development Index (HDI), which is still at the medium level, and the second is the enrollment rate in higher education, which is also at the low level. MOOCs have the potential to solve both problems. However, implementing MOOCs in a developing country needs a specific analysis to determine the opportunities and challenges. This study aims to identify the opportunities and challenges in implementing MOOCs from an Indonesian perspective. We observed four local MOOCs and analyzed various documents, including literature and government regulations. As a result, this study identified seven opportunities and seven challenges in implementing MOOCs in Indonesia. Recommendations are also provided.


massive open online course, MOOC, distance learning, Indonesia

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