Hicks, Gray & Bond

Volume 16, Issue 1, January 2019

A Blueprint for Executing Instructor-Student Interactions in the Online Classroom Using Marketing Touchpoints

Nancy Hicks, Central Michigan University
Deborah M Gray, Central Michigan University
Jeremy Bond, Central Michigan University


Communicating with students is one of the most important responsibilities for faculty in an online course. It can also be a puzzling process. Having a “communication plan” and understanding effective email strategies, along with proper timing and frequency of communicating with students, are all important pieces of this puzzle. We propose using “touchpoints” in designing a communication plan. This article provides a blueprint of touchpoints as well as best practices for more effective emails for connecting with online students. The blueprint identifies key student touchpoints and provides actionable communication interactions for each touchpoint. These improved strategies can increase instructor-student engagement, student learning, and student satisfaction.


online learning, instructor-student engagement, communication plan, touchpoints, email strategies, best practices

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