Hsiao & Huang

Volume 16, Issue 1, January 2019

Strategies to Support Personal Knowledge Management Using a Wiki Site in Online Courses

 E-Ling Hsiao, Valdosta State University
 Xiaoxia Huang, Western Kentucky University


This article discusses the strategies to support Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) using a wiki site in online courses and examines student perceptions of the helpfulness of the wiki site and the applied PKM-related strategies. Fifty-seven students in six online class sessions completed a 25-item perception survey. The results showed that students did perceive the helpfulness of using the wiki site and the applied PKM-related strategies to support personal knowledge management in online courses. The applied PKM-related strategies contributed the most to help students convert explicit knowledge to more advanced and complex explicit knowledge (“combination”) in the process of knowledge management. The results also showed that gender and one’s comfort level with using wikis for PKM were possible factors affecting the student perceptions of some applied strategies. Suggestions for improving the applied strategies to support online PKM using a wiki site and recommendations are presented at the end of the article.


Wiki, Knowledge Management, Personal Knowledge Management, Online Courses

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