Laster-Loftus & Cooper

The Role of Instructional Videos in Psychology Students’ Course Success

Amanda Laster-Loftus, Grand Canyon University
Lori J. Cooper, Grand Canyon University


Social presence in higher education online learning can be complex and challenging. To examine whether video instruction had an influence on course success, a between-subjects design was chosen to compare two groups of students enrolled in introductory psychology courses at a Christian College in the Southwest United States. The convenience sample (N = 281) was divided into two groups, including those that received video instruction (N = 144) and those that did not (N = 137). The results demonstrated that while there were higher numerical final course grades for the classes that received video instruction, there was not a statistically significant difference in overall course success between the two groups (U = 8947, p = .159). Implications and limitations are discussed.

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