Perry & Steck

Changes in Faculty Perceptions about Online Instruction: Comparison of Faculty Groups from 2002 and 2016

David Perry, University of La Verne
Andy Steck, University of La Verne


Faculty perceptions about online instruction were explored using data from a 32-item Quality Distance Education Survey (QDES) administered in 2002 (N = 120) and 2016 (N = 120) to U.S. higher education instructors with online teaching experience. Descriptive and ANOVA procedures were used to compare 2002 and 2016 group faculty perceptions about online instruction. Compared to the 2002 faculty group, the 2016 faculty gave significantly lower instruction importance ratings. Significant main effects for instruction items were noted for faculty group, age, sex, and tenure status. Significant interaction effects were noted for faculty group by sex, age, tenure status, and course level.

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