Gautreau, Dailey & Evans

Building Virtual Bridges: Engaging Online Learners Through an Interactive Webinar Series

Cynthia Gautreau, California State University Fullerton
Kai Dailey, California State University Fullerton
Lisa Evans, California State University Fullerton


This research presents findings of a College of Education Pilot Webinar Series designed to promote online students’ engagement with classmates, faculty presenters, and the university. Student attendees participated in a pilot webinar series that included active discussions and options to synchronously communicate and engage with others. Findings suggest that student attendees increased their sense of engagement with other students, faculty presenters, and the university based on their active participation during webinars. In addition, student attendees reported a sense of increased connection with others during the webinars. Future recommendations are to continue the COE Webinar Series because the online interactions address the students’ need to increase engagement and relatedness with other students, faculty, and the university.

Key words: webinar, engagement, online students, education

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