Terras, Anderson & Grave

Comparing Disability Accommodations in Online Courses

Katherine Terras, University of North Dakota 
Sarah Anderson, Mayville State University  
Shannon Grave, University of North Dakota



This study shares similarities and differences in the experiences of graduate students with disabilities receiving accommodations in online courses based on their disability classifications. Data were collected using semistructured interviews and analyzed to identify core ideas through constant comparison, and propositions were formulated according to disability classification. The results indicated that all the participants were self-accommodated in online courses and were successful. The participants with ADHD were most impacted by their disability while those with visual impairments and chronic health impairments appeared least impacted in the online learning environment. Individualized, inclusive approaches for accommodating students in online programs are critical to supporting the development of the learner.

Keywords: postsecondary, disability services, disability classifications, online learning, disability accommodations

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