2020 17(2)

Volume 17, Issue 2, July 2020

Student Understanding of a System of Equation and Inequalities: A Comparison between Online and Face-to-Face Learning

Sarah Ferguson, Old Dominion University
Yatin Liu, Art of Problem Solving
Mary Enderson, Old Dominion University

Abstract and Paper

Blended Learning: Moving Beyond the Thread Quality of Blended Learning and Instructor Experiences

Jenine A. Kastner, Centenary University

Abstract and Paper

Are E-Texts the Future of Distance Education? Investigating Online Students' Open Resource Preferences

Joy L. Yaeger, Regent University
Linda D. Grooms, Regent University

Abstract and Paper

Building Virtual Bridges: Engaging Online Learners Through an Interactive Webinar Series

Cynthia Gautreau, California State University Fullerton
Kai Dailey, California State University Fullerton 
Lisa Evans, California State University Fullerton

Abstract and Paper

Examining the Impact of Multiple Practice Quiz Attempts on Student Exam Performance

Marnie C. Davis, Grand Canyon University
Lisa A. Duryee, Grand Canyon University
Alli H. Schilling, Grand Canyon University
Elizabeth A. Loar, Independent Scholar 
Helen G. Hammond, Grand Canyon University

Abstract and Paper

Establishing a Multimedia-Rich Environment to Support Experiential e-Learning in Business Education

E-Ling Hsiao, Valdosta State University
Peter Mikolaj, Indiana State University  
Ya-Ting Shih, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan  
Abstract and Paper

Quality Matters Impact on Student Outcomes in an Online Program

Susan Lynch, University of North Carolina Charlotte
Teresa Gaston, University of North Carolina Charlotte 

Abstract and Paper

Development and Validation of a Survey of Online Counseling Instructors Engagement

Mohd Azrin Mohd Nasir, Northern University of Malaysia (UUM)  
Timothy Janikowski, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York  
Wendy Guyker, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York 
Scott Meier, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Abstract and Paper

Graduate-Level Online Instruction: Changes in Faculty Perceptions from 2002, 2007 and 2016

Donna Redman, University of La Verne  
David Perry, University of La Verne  

Abstract and Paper

Exploring Student Engagement in an Online Course

Keli Garas-York, SUNY Buffalo State

Abstract and Paper

Using an Online Discussion Forum in a Summative Coursework Assignment

Richard Galletly, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University  
Richard Carciofo, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
Abstract and Paper

Online Polylogues and the Speech Acts of Online Discussion Forums

Chaka Chaka, University of South Africa

Abstract and Paper

Weaving School and Life Involvements: Exploring Self-Regulatory Process of Adult Students in Online Distance Education Courses

Nur Aira Abdrahim, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

Abstract and Paper

Favorability of Strategies to Facilitate Online Group Work

Jeff Kritzer, University of Nebraska-Kearney
Jane Bogan, Wilmington College
Abstract and Paper

Impact of QM Professional Development on Online Course Design and Student Evaluations

Sheri Conklin, University of North Carolina Wilmington 
Zach Morgan, University of North Carolina Wilmington 
Ginu Easow, University of North Carolina Wilmington 
Erika Hanson, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Abstract and Paper

Comparing Disability Accommodations in Online Courses

Katherine Terras, University of North Dakota
Abstract and Paper

A Book Review: Emotify! The Power of the Human Element in Game-based Learning, Serious Games and Experiential Education

Jessica Louis, Grand Canyon University

Abstract and Paper

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