Cleveland, Clouse & Neu

Distributed Learning for Geographically Dispersed Students: Lessons Learned for an Online Graduate Business Course

Gary Cleveland, University of Montana
Shawn F. Clouse, University of Montana
Clyde Neu, University of Montana


This article describes a program at a University that serves a large but sparsely populated state. It offers two MBA programs, a traditional full-time program and a part-time, off-campus program. Students in the off-campus program are typically early to mid-career professionals. To reach them the University’s School of Business Administration developed expertise in innovative, distributed learning. The objective of the distributed learning program was to integrate networked delivery to students across the region. Professional courses are conducted on interactive, compressed video delivered to nine sites scattered around the state. Graduate-level foundation courses, i.e., courses in the fundamentals of business administration, are delivered online to the same students. The Systems and Operations course described in this paper was the first of five foundation courses developed for delivery online.

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