2004 1(1)

Volume 1, Issue 1, July 2004

The Effect of Software Facilitated Communication on Student Outcomes in Online Classes

Stuart S. Gold, PhD, DeVry University Online 

Abstract and Paper

From Campus to Web: The Changing Roles of Faculty From Classroom to Online Teaching 

Gila Kurtz, PhD, Bar Ilan University, Israel
Michael Beaudoin, EdD, University of New England
Rachel Sagee, PhD, Bar Ilan University, Israel

Abstract and Paper

Innovative Educational Practice: Using Virtual Labs in the Secondary Classroom

Marcel Satsky Kerr, PhD, Texas Wesleyan University
Kimberly Rynearson, PhD, Tarleton State University
Marcus C. Kerr, MeD, Texas Wesleyan University

Abstract and Paper   

Distributed Learning for Geographically Dispersed Students: Lessons Learned From an Online Graduate Business Course

Gary Cleveland, PhD, University of Montana
Shawn F. Clouse, EdD, University of Montana
Clyde Neu, PhD, University of Montana

Abstract and Paper

How Recent Brain Research Can Inform the Design of Online Learning

Katrina A. Meyer, PhD, University of Memphis

Abstract and Paper

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