Kurtz, Beaudoin & Sagee

From Campus to Web: The Changing Roles of Faculty from Classroom to Online Teaching

Gila Kurtz, Bar Ilan University, Israel
Michael Beaudoin, University of New England
Rachel Sagee, Bar Ilan University, Israel


The first objective of this research is to study the transition and self-perception of a sample group of Israeli faculty currently integrating online teaching within campus-based teaching. The authors studied the faculty’s perceptions of their new role, rewards and challenges of this role, their students' and their colleagues' perceptions of online teaching and how their institutions facilitate or impede this process. The second objective of this research is to compare findings from Israeli faculty to North American faculty, based on a similar study by Beaudoin (2002). The third objective is to provide ideas and insights to distance education administrators who are responsible for the recruitment, training and support of faculty. The last objective of this research is to contribute to faculty related research by exploring their new and changing role as online educators.


faculty development, on-line faculty roles and rewards, Israeli vs. American faculty perceptions

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