Lewis & Baker

Physician Contribution to Developing an Online Master’s Degree in Education Program for Health Care Professionals

Kadriye O. Lewis, University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Raymond C. Baker, University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center


Online education is increasingly recognized by medical educators as a teaching and learning tool to support formal and continuing medical education. The faculty development team at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) in collaboration with the University of Cincinnati College of Education (UCCOE) developed an Online Masters Degree in Education program designed to provide healthcare professionals with the educational pedagogy needed to teach more effectively and to conduct educational research. A qualitative case study describes the experiences of four physicians who completed the existing Master’s Degree in Education (Curriculum and Instruction major) in a combined in-class/online format. These physicians then helped customize the curriculum for medical education and adapt the program to an all-online format. Each participant benefited from the program in different ways (e.g. improved educational research methods, teaching and technology skills, assessment techniques, performance-based learning). The program introduced new concepts in education that the physician participants were able to adapt to medical education. All participants became more aware of their role as educators, and demonstrated increased understanding of teaching and learning concepts, including the many benefits of online learning for physicians with full-time professional responsibilities.


online masters program, graduate program development, faculty development, health care professional program, masters in medical education

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