Al-Husban, Mashaleh & Mosa

Exploring Arab Open University students' perceptions of electronic-feedback: A case study in Jordan

Naima Al-husban, Arab Open University, Jordan
Majdi Mashaleh, Arab Open University, Jordan
Mofeed Abu Mosa, Arab Open University, Jordan


This study investigates students’ perceptions of electronic feedback that was provided by instructors via the Moodle learning management system (LMS). A questionnaire was used as a research tool to collect data from 2,050 university students. The findings revealed that students were unaware of the importance of efeedback, and they did not feel they benefited from it because their primary focus was on getting the grade. We concluded that instructor’s practices were the main reason behind these results and that students had negative perceptions of efeedback because they only received negative notes and justifications for their grades. Based on the results, students should be encouraged to ask for continuous efeedback, and they should be trained to reflect on how to make use of the comments provided by tutors to improve their performance. We also recommend further research on this issue.

Key words: electronic feedback, student’s perception, teaching learning process.

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