Montoya, Vargas, Sanchez & Hincapie

Developing a Pedagogical Method to Design Interactive Learning Objects for Teaching Data Mining

Diana Montoya, Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano
Jorge Eduardo Hincapie Vargas, Politécnico Innova—ITS Colombia
Jonathan Sanchez Giraldo, Politécnico Innova—ITS Colombia
Natalia Correa Hincapié, Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano


This article presents the design of a pedagogical method to produce interactive learning objects that allow users to learn about new statistical process control techniques, such as Data Mining, in order to address the curricular needs of college students enrolled in academic programs related to quality engineering. Acquiring skills in this type of tools enables students to have a more competitive profile to work at different organizations. 

Keywords: teaching object, quality engineer, data mining, statistical data, interactive learning object

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