Viola, Hendricker & Saeki

Instructional Technology in Graduate Psychology Distance Education: Trends and Student Preferences

Shannon Viola, University of Houston - Victoria
Elise Hendricker, University of Houston - Victoria
Elina Saeki, California State University - Los Angeles


Although distance education continues to expand in postsecondary institutions, little research regarding distance education methodology in applied graduate psychology programs is currently available. This exploratory study examined technology, resources, and instructional components in graduate school psychology distance courses. The results indicated that Blackboard and Skype were the most frequently utilized technology components in both online and hybrid school psychology courses. Tests, quizzes, and assignments were rated as the most helpful and valuable instructional components. Other helpful resources in distance education courses included access to advanced technology, in-person meetings with instructors, and technology support staff. The implications for training programs and future research are also discussed. 

Keywords: distance education, graduate psychology, instructional technology

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