Santelli, Stewart & Mandernach

Supporting High Quality Teaching in Online Programs

Beverly Santelli, Grand Canyon University
Kendra Stewart, Grand Canyon University
B. Jean Mandernach, Grand Canyon University


The increasing popularity of standardized online course design mandates that administrators and course designers understand faculty and student perceptions of the value of specific course components in the online learning management system (LMS). The results of a survey sent to online faculty and students revealed that both groups value the inclusion of videos in course design; however, the perceived value varied as a function of faculty status (full time or adjunct) and student level (undergraduate, master’s or doctoral). While students value instructional videos, they believe that rubrics and sample assignments have the greatest potential impact on their learning. The discussion explores the practical implications of meeting both groups’ needs in large online programs utilizing standardized course design.

Keywords: teaching, online learning, education, learning management system, course design

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