Krankovits & Kallós

Cherry Picking—Using Hybrid Learning Methods in HEI’s Mass Courses

Melinda Krankovits, Széchenyi István University
Gábor Kallós, Széchenyi István University


Universities have a wealth of new digital tools and methodologies at their disposal for educational processes. It is difficult to know which of the many options to use, but it makes sense to combine methodologies to increase student satisfaction and, above all, to reduce drop-out rates. The study used a questionnaire survey in a mass course to see how satisfied students are with the technical services of Moodle, the quality of teaching, and its usability. The students’ learning habits and what content they use on the Moodle LMS (MLMS) platform of our own institution in Hungary is also examined. The use of MLMS as an educational tool, not only in distance learning but also in full-time education, is significant at our university, and its strengths have been successfully translated into benefits for students. The results confirmed our preliminary assumptions. The analysis suggests that the MLMS was a good choice as course outcomes improved, drop-out rates decreased, and student satisfaction increased.

Keywords: Moodle Learning Management System (MLMS), drop-out, digital learning methodology, students’ satisfaction.

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