Rehman, et al.

Technophobia as Technology Inhibitor for Digital Learning in Education: A Systematic Literature Review

Amjad Ur Rehman, Al-Qadir University Project Trust Sohawa, Jhelum, Pakistan
Asif Mahmood, Arabian Gulf University, Manama, Bahrain
Shahid Bashir, Tecnologico de monterrey, Mexico
Mazhar Iqbal, Al-Qadir University Project Trust Sohawa Jhelum, Pakistan


This study aims to determine how technophobia, or dread of technology, hinders education and offers future research recommendations. Utilizing systematic reviews, researchers scoured numerous research sources for articles on technophobia in education. The admissions criteria were established, and 18 research works that met those criteria were selected for the study. The results suggest that fear of technology makes it more difficult for people to embrace and utilize it in education, and the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend toward online education, bringing new challenges and obstacles. The study suggests additional research into the causes of technophobia, its effects on students, the efficacy of teacher training programs, and the effect of teaching methods on students’ dread of technology. Lastly, the study suggests that students, instructors, and education support personnel devise effective strategies to combat technophobia.

Keywords: technophobia, education, systematic review, technology adoption

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