Volume 15, Issue 2, July 2018

An Investigation into Web-based Presentations of Institutional Online Learning Orientations

Veronica F. McGowan, Southwestern Oklahoma State University


Online learning orientation may be particularly important in a virtual setting where students are unfamiliar with the learning platform, unsure if their available computer hardware and software will meet requirements, and hesitant that they have the learning orientation to progress. Given that virtual students are at risk for receiving less advisement than their on-ground counterparts, proactive institutional provision of tips and resources for experiencing success in an online setting may foster greater achievement for this vulnerable population. This research studies a sample of online learning orientations provided by American higher educational institutions in order to determine content, delivery, and feature prominence in current implementations. Hopefully this study will help inform campus implementations in the consideration of various factors and the adoption of practices that benefit student audiences.


online learning orientation, student success

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