Oregon, McCoy & Carmon-Johnson

Volume 15, Issue 2, July 2018

Case Analysis: Exploring the Application of Using Rich Media Technologies and Social Presence to Decrease Attrition in an Online Graduate Program

Evie Oregon, Western Kentucky University
Lauren McCoy, Western Kentucky University
Lacee Carmon-Johnson, Western Kentucky University


Distance education has become a popular method for delivering sport management programs because online learning provides opportunities for learners to continue their education in various settings. Despite increased interests in online learning, the literature shows that one of the largest challenges to higher education is student retention in online programs. This case analysis will analyze the methodologies of Media Richness Theory and Social Presence Theory in online course design and instruction and how they aid overall program retention. This study, conducted in a graduate sport management program, could prove to be a resource for similar programs looking to improve online interaction.


Sport Administration, Distance Education, Online Course Design, Attrition, Retention

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