Ghapanchi, Purarjomandlangrudi & Miao

Exploring the Influence of Online Learning Management Systems and Student Perceptions on Students’ Adoption of Block Mode Teaching in Tertiary Sector

Amir Hossein Ghapanchi,  Victoria University  
Afrooz Purarjomandlangrudi, Victoria University
Yuan Miao, Victoria University


Block mode of teaching, also called intensive mode of teaching, has received great recognition and interest from education sector. This mode of teaching is a compressed style of teaching in which classes are delivered in an intensive period of time. Block mode teaching has been found to have potential to enhance student performance. Although previous researchers have uncovered some factors which impact successful implementation of block mode, there is a lack of research which investigates the contributing factors that influence students’ adoption of block mode and scrutinizes different facilitators and barriers to students’ acceptance and engagement with the block mode of teaching. This study seeks to fill the gap by examining the impact of online learning management system design and usage as well as student perceptions on student utilization of block mode. This study adopts a positivist research approach and uses an online questionnaire as the data collection technique. Data were collected from undergraduate students studying in block mode at Victoria University. The results generally confirmed the positive impact of both groups of determinants on students’ block mode utilization.

Keywords: learning management systems, LMS, block mode of teaching, intensive mode of teaching.

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