“My Students”: Understanding Faculty Influence and Experiences in Using Mobile Learning Pedagogy

Sarah Nichter, University of the Cumberlands


Research on mobile learning pedagogy has been sporadic and often too narrowly focused. This present research aimed to understand faculty comprehension of mobile learning (ML) theory and how they may be using mobile learning teaching strategies. The research centered around a mobile learning pedagogy workshop designed to give faculty a practical framework for beginners to incorporate ML. Data were collected from a survey administered twice and several qualitative data sources. Quantitative data from the surveys were analyzed to determine any significant change in how the participants rated their mobile learning pedagogy awareness. Qualitative data were analyzed through an open coding process to determine themes across the workshop transcripts, open-ended survey questions, collaborative worksheets, and Padlet boards. The analysis determined that participants had prior experience with ML. Other themes that emerged were challenges of ML, influences on using ML, and the pedagogical function. These findings reinforce that the appropriate use of ML is student focused, relevant to the learning context, flexible, and adaptable.

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