Lemanski & Venneman

Student Satisfaction with the Perusall Social Annotation Platform

Melanie R. Lemanski, University of Houston – Victoria
Sandy Venneman, University of Houston – Victoria



While student satisfaction with online courses is generally high, these courses are not without problems. Perusall is a learning tool that aims to solve some of these problems and increase student satisfaction. The current study sought to determine whether the application of Perusall would improve students’ feelings of connectedness, their reading assignment completion, and their satisfaction with reasonable textbook costs. Our analysis of students’ survey responses and course evaluations suggests that Perusall is a useful resource for both university faculty and students to improve feelings of connectedness, reading of assigned textbooks and course materials, and satisfaction with the course textbook. Perusall may increase overall student satisfaction with online coursework.

Keywords: connectedness, textbook cost, textbook satisfaction, textbooks, reading completion, reading of assignments, student satisfaction, online education, online learning tool, Perusall

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