Romero-Garcia, Garcia & Buzon-Garcia

Training of the Future Teacher in the Flipped Learning Model in an Online Environment

Carmen Romero-García, International University of La Rioja (UNIR)
Beatriz Amante García, Polytechnic University of Cataluña
Olga Buzón-García, University of Sevilla


The objective of this paper is to evaluate the effectiveness of a training program, based on the flipped learning model, for future teachers of Secondary Education and Vocational Training. For this study, a pre-experimental research design was used, and an instrument was applied to determine the level of training acquired in active methodologies, design of activities, technological tools, evaluation strategies, and student satisfaction with the training program. The results show the effectiveness of the program for training students in the active methodologies and technological tools most appropriate to implement the flipped model in the classroom.

Keyword: flipped learning, online teacher training, higher education, technology, active methodologies

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