Tamsukhin, Zydney & Nakonechnyi

Comparing Remote and On-campus Learning Experiences and Interactions in a Blended Synchronous Learning Environment

Sara M. Tamsukhin, University of Cincinnati
Janet Mannheimer Zydney, University of Cincinnati
Alex Nakonechnyi, Mount St. Joseph University



Blended synchronous learning provides students flexible attendance options for class sessions. This study explored the experiences and interactions of remote and on-campus students in the blended synchronous classroom using a protocol pedagogy framework and a 360-degree camera. This multimethod study included observations and video recordings of two class sessions and a postcourse survey. The participants were nine graduate students in a learning sciences and technology course. Students rated remote and on-campus audio and visual experiences similarly. Increased participation was observed from session one to session two. Mean interactions of remote and on-campus students were 7.25 and 9.17, respectively. Overall, remote interactions were comparable to on-campus interactions. 

Keywords: blended synchronous learning, remote learning, 360-degree camera, discussion protocols

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