Ustaoglu & Celik

High School Students' Video Game Involvement and their Language Learning Motivation: A Correlation Study

Alihan Ustaoğlu, Ordu University
Handan Çelik, Trabzon University


Video games, as the most frequent tools of computer technologies, have been integrated into classroom teaching through experimental studies. However, there is still much to investigate if and to what extent video game involvement (VGI) in informal settings can influence students’ language learning motivation (LLM) in formal settings. Adopting a survey methodology with the participation of heavy and frequent video game players, this study examined 100 high school students’ LLM, both instrumental and integrative, and their VGI. The relationship between LLM and VGI was also examined from various angles. Descriptive, inferential statistics and correlation tests were employed for data analysis. The results revealed that the students had moderate LLM, with stronger and statistically significant integrative motivation (z = −3407, p = .001). Despite being negative and weak, VGI in English correlated with LLM (rs = −.355, p < .01), integrative motivation (rs = −.347, p < .01), and instrumental motivation (rs = −.339, p < .01). However, a very strong and statistically significant correlation was found between VGI in English and the time spent doing so (rs = .948, p < .01). A Mann-Whitney U test showed statistically significant difference in both LLM and integrative and instrumental motivation between VGI in Turkish and VGI in English (p < .05). The findings could highlight the significant role of integrative motivation on LLM. The close relationship between VGI in English and the time spent doing so, and also the statistically significant difference between VGI in Turkish and VGI in English, could suggest VGI as an opportunity for learners to interact more easily with English speakers and get to know them more and better.

Key words: integrative and instrumental motivation, formal and informal learning environments, language learning motivation, video games

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