Soutter, et al

"They forgot about it because we're all dispersed”: Online School Influence on Transformative Social-Emotional Learning

Madora Soutter, Villanova University 
Chu N. Ly, Framingham State University 
DiAinni Dennis, Villanova University 
Zoe Darazsdi, Villanova University 
Amanda Adams, Villanova University 



Social and emotional learning (SEL) is critically important for well-being and success and must not be overlooked when students are learning online. In a qualitative exploration of parents, teachers, and students across the United States, this study investigates the ways in which transformative SEL (Jagers et al., 2019), a form of SEL specifically focused on social justice, can be fostered in online spaces. As our findings suggest, decisions made at the school level have critical potential to either support or hinder this work.

Keywords: social-emotional learning, social justice, transformative social and emotional learning, online education, contextual influences

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