Copgeven & Firat

Effects of Dashboard Usage on elearning Interactions and Academic Achievement of Distance Education Students

Nedime Selin Çöpgeven, Anadolu University, Türkiye  Orcid ID 0000-0002-2280-809X

Mehmet Firat, Anadolu University, Türkiye, Orcid ID 0000-0001-8707-5918


Learning processes can now be transferred to digital environments, allowing for the tracking of learners’ digital footprints. The field of learning analytics focuses on the efficient use of these digital records to improve both learning experiences and processes. Dashboards are the tangible outputs of learning analytics. The use of dashboards in elearning has gained attention due to their potential impact on student interactions and academic success. In this study, we used a posttest control group design to examine the effects of dashboard use on 15,321 distance education students’ elearning involvement and academic achievement. Results showed that dashboard use was associated with higher elearning interactions, but we observed no significant difference in end-of-term grades. This suggests that while dashboards may enhance student engagement in online learning, their effect on academic performance may be limited. The academic effects of dashboard use may only be observed in the long term.

Keywords: learning analytics, dashboards, elearning interactions, open and distance learning

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