Martín-Martínez, et al.

B-learning: Dependent on the Course or the Teacher?

Laura Martín-Martínez, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Spain
Esther Vela, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Spain
Vanesa Sainz,  Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Spain


The present study aims to determine if the successful implementation of a blended learning methodology is more dependent on the course subject matter or on the teacher. Using the Evaluation Scale on the Influence of Course Subject and Teachers on B-learning, we analyzed five factors: Expectations, Web Tools 2.0, Feedback, Cooperative/collaborative Learning, and Social Relations. The results show that student expectations and cooperative/collaborative learning are dependent on the course subject matter while all five factors crucially depend on the role of the teacher. We concluded that teachers have a much greater influence than the course subject on the successful implementation of an effective blended learning model.

Keywords: b-learning, elearning, semipresential learning, effectiveness, teacher, course

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