What Educators can Borrow from a Successful Business Strategy Framework When Designing a New Course in Higher Education

Irina Kerimova, Westminster International University in Tashkent


This article presents a new design and delivery strategy for teaching a course in higher education. For this purpose, I adapted a framework developed for business strategy success by Wrona and Ladwig (2015) to an educational context. To illustrate how the framework operates in the new context, I implemented video recorded interviews with industry representatives in a course with third-year students at Westminster International University in Tashkent. The attitudes of the students towards the videos were collected via electronic questionnaire with closed and open-ended questions. The students’ positive attitudes towards the videos show the success of the strategy. However, the study was limited to one course within one international university in Uzbekistan, thus testing this strategy in larger courses is recommended for future research.

Keywords: content design and delivery strategy, video assisted online material, online guest lectures, experts’ interview, asynchronous delivery, localized content

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