2017 14(2)

Volume 14, Issue 2, July 2017

Personalizing Post Titles in the Online Classroom: A Best Practice?

Shelley Evans, Grand Canyon University
John Steele, Grand Canyon University
Sarah Robertson, Grand Canyon University
Thomas Dyer, Grand Canyon University

Abstract and Paper

Does the Use of Multifactorial Training Methods Increase Practitioners' Competence?

Corinthus Omari Pittman, Chatham University
Katina Lawdis, Chatham University

Abstract and Paper

A Cross-Sectional Study to Describe Academics' Confidence, Attitudes, and Experience of Online Distance Learning in Higher Education

Roger Harrison, University of Manchester
Ian Hutt, University of Manchester
Catherine Thomas-Varcoe, Mirabel Consulting
Gary Motteram, University of Manchester
Kathryn Else, University of Manchester
Barbara Rawlings, Educational Consultant
Isla Gemmell, University of Manchester

Abstract and Paper

Being Mindful May Not Make You a Team Player: Does Meditation Help or Hurt Online Group Work?

(Rae) Yunzi Tan, University of Baltimore
Carol Molinari, University of Baltimore

Abstract and Paper

Communicating with the Online Student: The Impact of E-Mail Tone on Student Performance and Teacher Evaluations

Amber Dickinson, Oklahoma State University

Abstract and Paper

Shared Perceptions of Online Adjunct Faculty in the United States Who have a High Sense of Community

Tiffany LS Ferencz, Western Governors University

Abstract and Paper

Dropout Rates, Student Momentum, and Course Walls: A New Tool for Distance Education Designers

Steven S. Christensen, Brigham Young University
Jonathan S. Spackman, Brigham Young University

Abstract and Paper

Comparing Student Reflectiveness in Online Discussion Forums across Modes of Instruction and Levels of Courses

Anita Chadha, University of Houston 

Abstract and Paper

Teaching an Interdisciplinary Graduate-Level Methods Course in an Openly-Networked Connected Learning Environment: A Glass Half-Full

Mary Secret, Virginia Commonwealth University
Nita L. Bryant, Virginia Commonwealth University
Cory R. Cummings, Virginia Commonwealth University

Abstract and Paper

Strategic Tooling: Technology for Constructing a Community of Inquiry

Penny Thompson, Oklahoma State University
Jane S. Vogler, Oklahoma State University
Ying Xiu, Oklahoma State University

Abstract and Paper

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